Who We Are:

We are the 83rd Tactical Ambush Squadron. We are stationed in Marietta, OH which is somewhat close to Parkersburg, WV. We travel to Scenario Paintball games and participate in those. We mainly use guerilla tactics and have a very diverse team and can perform any task you ask of us. You may ask what a Scenario Paintball game is? It is a large, organized game of recreational paintball between two or more teams trying to achieve goals, gain points, or complete missions. We usually participate in military style Scenario games. Some Scenarios can last as long as a week, while others only last 8-24 hours. We take the game seriously, but still have fun doing it. We have open positions so if you play paintball, are a good sport, listen well and work well with others, dont cheat, respect the game, and enjoy going to scenarios then e-mail me at turtleman452@yahoo.com. I hope to hear from you soon.

Team Info:

As you already know, we are the 83rd Tactical Ambush Squadron. We will participate as a squad in many different scenarios. You will be assigned rankings based on how well you perform, your attitude, your drive to win, your fairness, and respect for the game and those ranked above you. We ask that you dont drink while with our group as we would like to have a positive image on not only our squad but also the game of paintball. Also, we ask that you refrain from foul language as there are usually many kids at scenario games. Again thats for the kids benefit and the image of paintball. We will always have a no cheating policy. We all know how annoying it can be to have players "wipe" after you placed a well aimed shot. If you have any more questions about our team, feel free to e-mail me.

Your Application:

I ask that you please e-mail me an application to become part of this squad. Below is what I want you to send.

Name:________                      Age:__________                                 Male or Female:_______
Desired Position (see positions page):_____________              Years played:____________
Been to a scenario/big game:________             Equipment:_______________________________
Characteristics you believe you will bring to this team:___________________________________
Why?:__________________________       Do you understand what is required of you?:________