Position Overview:

Here I will discuss the different positions available to our recruits and the jobs they do. I will also cover the equipment needed and the usual characteristics of the certain player. I will put the available slots open in the overview as well. Some of these positions require more information so, if you choose those, you will be recieving an information packet on that position via e-mail. All positions will be respected the same and all positions are equally important. When signing up for this squad, please indicate one of these positions.


There are only two slots open for this role and one is taken by myself. I have one open slot for a co-commander. His job will be to take over if I get eliminated, if I have to go to a meeting, or something of the sort. When he is in command, he will act as the Head Commander. When not being a Head Commander, he will be out on the field just like everyone else assisting the Commander. He must have good leadership skills, knowledge of team tactics, intelligence, and overall good paintball skills. He usually wont carry alot of gear besides the usual marker, map, radio, grenades, etc. If you choose this position you will recieve an information packet via e-mail of information you need to know for this position.

Light Infantry:

There is currently no limit on the amount of Light Infantry we can have on our team so feel free to join this unit. The Light Infantry is the main unit of the squad. They will be apart of most all missions and will play a key role in the success of our missions. They will normally take point, be on the front lines with the action, and will set up the ambush. They will only need normal markers and an average amount of paint and air with grenades if they want. He must be ready to fight, fearless, obedient and take orders well, and must have good skills in paintball.

Heavy Infantry:

There are also currently two slots open for this position. The job of the Heavy Infantry will be to lay down suppressive fire to a). Distract the opposition or b). Keep their heads down. The Heavy Infantry man can be very important to a successful mission. He will need a faster marker, alot of paint and air, grenades, and an optional map or radio. They will also need to be obedient and good listeners, smart, and ready to fight.


There are currently two roles open for this position. Demolition Units have the ability to "blow up" valuable structures like command bunkers, bridges, helicopters/aircraft, and other buildings. They are very important strategically and can gain huge points. The Engineer Unit has the ability to rebuild structures that have been previously blown up. They are also very important strategically and can also gain huge points. They must be smart, disciplined, and quick. They may carry a light marker with medium paint and air. They should also carry a map to recognize the objectives and structures.


There is currently one role open for this position. Medics have the ability to heal players on the field. In most rules for Scenarios they must reach the player within one minute, wipe the paint from the player, and write downt he players ID badge number on their Bandage Card. When this happens, that player can then resume play. Head shots are NOT able to be healed. All night hits though, are fatal and cant be healed. At night, the medic will be assigned a different position by the commander. They must be elusive, quick, obedient, and willing to do the position. They are very important to the survival of the squad. They can also carry a marker with medium paint and air.


There are about 2-3 slots for this position and I am currently filling one of them. The job of the Sniper is to stealthily gain intel by camping near an enemy HQ and relaying the info back to me. We also use ghost flank type ambushes in our squad in which the Sniper plays a key role. They are also scouts for enemy forces and can be set on defense to flank the opposing attackers. They do NOT have advanced markers in which they can shoot farther and more accurate. That is only in the military. They Snipers marker is the same as the others, they just use camouflage and stealth to their advantage. The sniper usually carries a lighter, quiet marker with low paint and air along with a radio/throat mic, map, and ghillie suit. They can also carry a sidearm like a pistol. They MUST be patient, quiet, determinated, obedient, smart, and skilled in paintball. If you choose this position, you will recieve an information packet via e-mail of things you need to know for this position.